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Written By Mr Southward

Tower College

We have had an exciting term, with pupils developing new passions, breaking records and representing Tower College across numerous ISA competitions. More than any previous year, we have seen over 50 pupils represent Tower College in the cross country. Our girls’ netball teams participated in their first-ever ISA tournament, and our Year 7 and 8s showed their maturity.  

Senior Cross Country

During this year’s ISA Senior Cross-Country, we took over 20 pupils to complete a long-distance run of 2.5km – 3.5km. For some pupils, this was their first-ever Cross-Country event and their first time representing Tower College at an ISA.  

At each event our pupils participate in, parents and staff members from other schools will comment on how wonderful our pupils behave and how they set examples for other schools on how pupils can show sportsmanship while remaining competitive. Our pupils are always there, encouraging each other throughout every challenge and will cheer for other schools as they create bonds that will last a lifetime.   

All pupils completed their events, with plenty of pupils ranking within the Top 30 of their age group. Some notable mentions to: 

  • Ariana for placing 8th in her age group and receiving an invite to the finals.  
  • James for placing 5th in his age group and receiving an invite to the finals. 
  • Joshua for placing 6th in his age group and receiving an invite to the finals.  
  • William for running against his age group and the age group above in a combined event and placing 22nd.  
  • George for running against his age group and the age group in a combined event and placing 17th.  

Overall, our Year 7 boys and girls had an incredible cross-country event. The top 4 competitors in each event scored points for Tower College and were then ranked against other schools.  

  • Our Year 7 Boys placed 2nd out of 14 schools.  
  • Our Year 7 Girls placed 5th out of 14 schools. 

Junior Cross Country

During this year’s ISA Junior Cross-Country, we took 30 pupils to complete a long-distance run of anywhere between 1.5km – 2km. For some pupils, this was their first-ever Cross-Country event and their first time representing Tower College at an ISA.

This has been the first ISA event pupils in Year 3 have been able to participate in, which has sparked a keen interest to compete in future ISAs and represent Tower College at more events. We look forward to seeing this year’s group develop together and compete in more of our upcoming events. A special mention to William, who came 5th in his age group and received an invite to the national finals. William came back stronger this year after just missing out on last year’s national finals and has spent the year training to be able to represent Tower College at this level. He has shown an incredible level of commitment and

U13 Netball

In the first ISA Netball competition in three years for Tower College, our Year 7 and 8 girls competed in the U13s ISA Netball at Alderley Edge. Competing in a tournament against all other schools and playing five fixtures, the girls gained valuable knowledge and skills to be implemented in future competitions.

Sophie S was Tower College’s top goal scorer throughout the event, and our two players in the tournament were Sophie M and Arla. We look forward to the next Netball fixture in the ISA Calendar.

U11 Football

The U11 ISA Football tournament is an exciting opportunity for pupils to spend the day developing their passion for Football. At this year’s event, Tower College competed against 23 other schools. In our league of 6 teams, we won two games, drew one and lost two with us, unfortunately, missing out on qualifying for the quarter-finals.

The boys worked hard throughout the day and developed essential skills that would last a lifetime. This team will be together for many years and will do well as they go on to the next level of ISA Sport.

National Cross Country

The pupils who placed within the Top 10 of their age group during the area-qualifying cross-country events received invitations to represent the North in the National Cross Country Finals. To be invited to the National Finals is a fantastic achievement.

Our pupils competed against the fastest ten pupils from the other six ISA areas over 2km – 3km. All boys ran multiple races alongside each other, cheering and motivating each other through the event.

William competed in the National Final for the first time, pushed himself to complete the event, and placed within the Top 50 out of over 70 participants. He has already started work towards improving on this for next year.

Joshua and James kept each other going, stuck with each other throughout the race, and placed 17th & 18th out of 70 participants.

This was an amazing weekend for all, and we are sure we will return next year.

U14 Football

At our most recent ISA event, Mr Southward called upon his Year 7 & 8 boys to compete in the U14 ISA Football against nine other schools with teams of Year 9s.  

Throughout the day, our pupils showed an incredible level of maturity. They drove to perform to the best of their abilities and have performed excellently, considering the tournament is for the Year 9 age group.  

Our Year 7s made up the majority of the team, and while being the youngest players out of all schools, they showed greater technical ability than some teams. We lost three games and won 1, which qualified us for the 3rd and 4th cup playoff semi-final. With Joel and Joshua scoring goals to take us through to the semi-final, our new starter Oscar scored a superb header to keep us in the semi-final at 1-1. Unfortunately, we conceded via a free kick in the last few minutes, which resulted in us not progressing to the final to play for the plate.  

Each individual put on a standout performance to compete with pupils two years older than them. A special mention to our goalkeeper Chibwe, who managed to keep us in most of our matches with unbelievable saves. Other schools began commenting on how incredible he performed. Another special mention for Oscar, who played his debut for Tower College on his first day with us, was willing to play anywhere to help the team and encouraged everybody like he has been a part of Tower College for years.  

We have had a brilliant day of Football and are already looking forward to next year’s competition. 

Upcoming Term

Across the PE curriculum, pupils are developing in a wide range of activities and sports, with new opportunities always being brought in for our pupils to access.

Over the last term, our pupils have participated in Rugby, Netball, Handball, Gymnastics and Cheerleading. From these experiences, pupils have found new interests and sought clubs to develop these skills further.

Miss Doughty and Mr Southward aim to build a sporting environment for pupils to enjoy participating in new activities and create a love of the sport that can be turned into lifelong physical activity.  

Next term will see more ISA competitions and more pupils participating in varying athletic events, rounders and cricket. There will be a week of sport for pupils to compete against each other while representing their houses to gain valuable points.

Upper and Middle School Sports Day will be on Thursday 6th of July, and the Lower School Sports Day on Friday 7th of July. These will be exciting events where pupils participate in activities for their houses, and we look forward to seeing everyone at these final sports events of the year.