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Tower College

Enrichment 2023 – 24

By revamping the Enrichment Programme, we aimed to offer a broader curriculum and a well-rounded education. Our pupils have had opportunities to develop their knowledge in STEM, Psychology, Creative Arts, and Business, to name a few. We strive to ensure pupils have equal opportunities to experience new topics and subjects.

From September, Upper and Middle School pupils will experience a bespoke carousel of opportunities designed for their year group. This Enrichment carousel will focus on developing all pupils’ independence, resilience, confidence and leadership qualities.

  • Pupils in Middle School will participate in a skill-based Enrichment carousel to teach pupils new skills and spark future passions that will stay with them during their school career. 
  • Pupils in Year 10 will participate in a career-based Enrichment carousel to introduce pupils to potential college courses and career interests.  
  • Pupils in Year 11 will participate in a job skills-based Enrichment carousel to prepare pupils to succeed in the early stages of their future jobs.

Pupils in EYFS and Lower School will continue with their carousel approach, offering pupils the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding in crucial subject areas while being introduced to new staff members making the transition process to a new classroom at the beginning of a school year, easier and more enjoyable for all.

Duke of Edinburgh

We are excited to offer the opportunity to complete the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award to our year nine pupils. They will spend the next six months learning new skills, volunteering to help those in the wider community and participating in regular physical activity.

Tower College has teamed with Mountain Water Expedition to train our pupils to be ready to complete their Bronze Award. Pupils will complete Navigation Training, Survival Training linking to basic first aid, basic cooking techniques and how to set up suitable shelter.

To finish the award, pupils will go away to Wales and complete an expedition designed to develop pupilspupils’ independence, resilience, and ability to work in a team while making memories with their peers that will last a lifetime. We have 12 Year 9 pupils ready to embark on this adventure together, and we are excited to see what they will achieve by the end of the award.

Transition Week

Moving into new classrooms, meeting new teachers and even moving schools can cause some pupils to be nervous at the idea of change. We offer opportunities for pupils to experience a day in their new environment to help settle any nerves before the summer.  

On Monday, 3rd July, Tower Tots, EYFS and Lower School pupils will move up to their new classroom to meet their new teacher and experience a day of their new routines. In previous years, this day has massively helped pupils feel comfortable returning to Tower College in September as they are all prepared for their new environments.  

During the week of Monday, 3rd July to Friday, 7th July, pupils in Year 6 will experience a new timetable designed to showcase new subjects, make memories and create new bonds. Pupils joining Tower College in September to become part of our Year 7 cohort are invited to come for a Transition Week. This week allows all pupils to meet each other, create the bonds that will go on through their Tower College lives and meet their new form teachers for the rest of Year 7. This will allow friendships to be formed for September and better prepare them for their bonding trip to Willersley Castle. Pupils can use this week to learn routines and ask questions for when they start in September. During Transition Week, all pupils will participate in the Upper and Middle sports day on Thursday, the 6th of July.  

Our transition coordinator Mr Southward will be available to answer any questions throughout the week.

After-School Activities Summer Term 2023

Happy Easter! Our After-School Activities for the summer term are now available to book on our school website. If you would like to book your child to one or more clubs, please complete the online booking form at the bottom of the webpage before Monday, 17th April 2023. Please note that pupils can’t attend individual sessions – only block sessions can be booked. Once the booking is confirmed, parents will be invoiced as usual.

After-School Activities Form

Summer Term Enrichment Programme

Our updated Enrichment Programme for Years 6 – 9 is available on the school website. Please choose the preferred activities on the website form with your child.  

Enrichment Form