Despite this term being very busy, festive and fun-filled, the pupils have worked hard and made excellent progress. We are very proud of their efforts.

The children have been involved in several performances, the first being the Peace Day celebration in September. The children shared pledges and recipes for peace with each other.

A Pledge of Peace by Rida in Year 4

I pledge to keep on being kind to my friends. I pledge to use my kind words to everyone in my class. I pledge to respect other people and other religions. I pledge to keep my hands to myself.

A Recipe for Peace by Hamish in Year 3

2 Cups of love
¾ Cups of honesty
2 Tablespoons of joy
1 Teaspoon of happiness and
A pinch of caring.

Harvest Festival followed closely, and it’s one of my favourites as it’s a time to give thanks for what we have and think of those less fortunate than ourselves. We collected for our local foodbank in St Helens, and we would like to thank you again for your generosity.

Recently, we held a Christmas Carol Concert at St Ann’s Church in Rainhill. It was a wonderful event where our pupils sang a beautiful medley of carols and songs in between nativity readings.

Lastly, our Nativities, a favourite of all. Our pupils work hard to remember their lines, the songs and their places on stage. If you managed to see Lower School’s production of ’It’s a Census Get Me Out of Here’ or Pre-Prep’s production of ‘Is there a Baby in There?’ I am sure you will agree that the children were brilliant.

Head Prefects

Congratulations to Felami (Head Boy), Bani (Head Girl), Jack (Deputy Head Boy) and Emily (Deputy Head Girl) on their appointments. They are appointed by the Deputy Principal, in collaboration with the Principal and on the staff’s recommendations. The Head pupils represent the school at events, serve as a good role models, and share pupils’ ideas with the school’s leadership. The pupils above were chosen on the basis that they possess the following attributes:

1) A willingness to serve and to volunteer in key situations;
2) A sensible disposition and pleasant nature, allowing for good relationships with all members of the school;
3) The ability to lead, to show initiative, to be level-headed and honest in all situations;
4) To show caring and consideration of others around the school;
5) Ability to communicate with all age groups throughout the school.

Library Monitors

Our library monitors will help Mrs Corcoran in our library, assisting with daily tasks, keeping the library tidy and organised, and making sure books are returned on time, so everyone can enjoy them.

Year 2 – Oliver and Fatima
Year 3 – Anabelle and Ishaan
Year 4 – Riddhi and Sophie
Year 5 – Jasmyne, Maisie and Bani

Subject Ambassadors

Having spoken with their peers, our subject ambassadors will meet regularly with staff to discuss the topics they are covering.

Mathematics Ambassadors

Year 1 – Summer and Oliver
Year 2 – Carter and James
Year 3 – Elsie and Theo
Year 4 – Kavish and Evie
Year 5 – Felami and Febo

English Ambassadors

Year 1 – Noah and Siddh
Year 2 – Niamh and Meryl
Year 3 – Rihaana and Jenell
Year 4 – Deah and Zack
Year 5 – Jasmyne and Jaidenvir

Science Ambassadors 

Year 1 – Skylar and Roberta
Year 2 – Jashnavi and Marek
Year 4 – Thomas, Luke and William
Year 5 – Poppy and Carter

Technology Ambassadors 

Year 2 – Noah and Amirah
Year 3 – Casper and Nuoqi
Year 4 – Elijah and Rida
Year 5 – Zack and Aoife

School Councillors

School Councillors will meet regularly each term and discuss school and how we can make it better for our pupils.

Class Prefects

Class Prefects are responsible for making sure our pupils look presentable when walking around school, helping children line up after break times, and holding the doors open for the children. They are responsible for being respectful and being a role model to the younger children. They help out on the playground, ensuring the children have someone to play with during playtimes.

Year 2 – Akshara and Charlotte
Year 3 – Samarth and Lottie
Year 4 – Nuoxi and Corbyn
Year 5 – Maisie and Mia

Afternoon Tea with the Principal

The highlight of any pupil’s week is celebrating their hard work with Ms Bingley. Those who have received a merit certificate or star of the week certificate come together at the end of the half term for an afternoon tea with Ms Bingley. Well done to all winners!

House Points

This term, we have continued with our house points system; each week in assembly, pupils find out who is leading. This term, our leaders are:

Class Leaders Year 3 with 2,102 points
House Leaders Baxter with 4,626 points
Alexander came second with 4,520 points
Cholerton came third with 4,156 points
Merlewood came fourth with 3,852 points

Pupil Leaders

Jack Year 5 with 164 points
Rihaana Year 3 with 143 points
Charlotte Year 2 with 139 points

Well done!

Playground Updates

After the most recent Parents’ Forum, we are looking for ways to improve our PP & LS playground provision.

We would like to invite our pupils in the Pre-Prep and Lower School to send us their ideas. What would you like to see in the playground? Please sit with your child and fill out this Jotform. It will allow us to get a sense of what equipment our pupils would like to play with most.

Playground Equipment Form

Parking Updates – Pre-Prep

Stop and Drop – In the new term, we will change our drop-off system for Pre-Prep. Parents Forum informed us that there is congestion at the Early Years drop-off point each morning. To ease this, we will be using ‘Stop and Drop’ Parents will park their car, and pupils will exit and will be met by a teacher standing at the top of the gravel path, they will then be guided to the teacher at the crossing, who will see them safely across and their final teacher will take them to their rooms. Parents are asked if you arrive later than 9:50 to take their child to the main office as they need to be registered there. We ask that parents who do want to speak with their child’s class teacher email them to make an appointment for a meeting or telephone call.

Upcoming Events

Wellbeing Week is being led by Miss Deane. She has been working hard to secure workshops for Pre-Prep and Lower School pupils. Our new catering company Thomas Franks are coming in to give a nutritional talk about how we can stay healthy. We have workshops throughout the week including yoga, emotional resilience, emotional intelligence and positive thinking. The children will be given the tools to understand and manage their emotions, alongside being given the support to think positively. They will also be given opportunities to understand how to be mindful and reflect.


This term, Ms Gregory has been working on our new National Online Safety system. You may have received an email asking you to sign up. NOS (National Online Safety) is an amazing tool for schools and parents to use. You can access courses and information leaflets with advice on the latest online trends and dangers. Something so important to teach our pupils is to keep them safe. Ms Gregory and Mr Southward will be leading the Safeguarding team in the Spring term, if you have any safeguarding worries or queries, please email them to Ms Gregory or Mr Southward at or

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Mrs Wright and Mrs Gibson