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Written By Miss Nugent

Tower College

Plants and Flowers

Reception and Bluebird have been learning about plants and flowers this half term. As part of their learning, the children have planted their sunflower seeds and are enthusiastically taking care of them. Through this hands-on experience, the children have understood the plant growth process and learned about the importance of nurturing living things. 

Baking skills

The children in Reception and Bluebird have been exploring the world of baking, where they have learned about measuring and following a recipe. The children have been involved in making cookies and hot cross buns with their teachers, allowing them to practice their measuring skills and learn the importance of teamwork. The children have had so much fun being involved in these baking sessions and have been developing their mathematical understanding.

Playground Games Club
This term, the children in Pre-Prep have thoroughly enjoyed their first experience with the Playground Games club. This was an excellent opportunity for the children who attended to develop sportsmanship skills, listening, attention and perseverance, amongst many others. In recent weeks, the children who participated in this club have been teaching their peers these games on the playground, which has been fantastic for Miss Porter and Miss Nugent to see.  

Welly Wednesday

During our Welly Wednesday sessions, we have been focused on how the seasons were changing and the comparisons we could make between Winter and Spring. The children in Bluebird and Reception enjoyed working together in pairs during a ‘Signs of Spring’ hunt, where we explored the school grounds with our clipboard and pencils, finding buds on the trees and daffodils beginning to bloom. 

The children have been learning a springtime song as part of this learning. Please see the video below. As you’ll see in the video below, the children were eager to show you! 

Updates to the classroom

Our EYFS staff have been working hard updating our classroom provision this half term. Adding new tables and equipment allows the children to enjoy a more accessible classroom that promotes further development in critical areas. When we rearrange the classroom, the children’s excitement for learning is renewed. 


Disney through time topic

Year 1 have been engaging in their new topic, ‘Disney Through Time’. The children have been learning about Disney films’ chronology and Walt Disney through this topic. We made a class display, and each time we learnt about a new continent, the children added pictures of themselves if they had ever visited. This produced a lovely display for us to look back on. In our final week, the children had a Disney party to celebrate the end of their learning, where they watched a Disney film, had a dance-off and sang along to Disney music.

Homework Projects

During our learning on chronology, the children were tasked with making a timeline of their life to present to the class. All pupils made fantastic timelines which have been commented on by numerous staff members. Each child presented their timeline to the course, and all of the children were excited to see each other’s hard work. 

BSL week

British Sign Language week was from the 13th -the 19th of March. The pupils learnt about why sign language is essential and learnt some basic sounds as well as the alphabet. We then learnt a song called ‘Be Kind’, which we sang to the whole assembly.